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The Downfall of SEO at

There’s no better way of seeing the damage a Google penalty can do to a company’s organic performance than by viewing a case study. Introducing the goons at, who have clearly been hit by a multitude of penalties and much to their Head of Marketing’s disgust, appear to have lost huge market share to fierce rivals, Here’s a 4 minute insight going behind the scenes with the Organic Performance team at Just get the guy a biscuit…

As SEO’s we all know that Google works in mysterious ways, even when we think we’re playing by the rules, a site’s organic rankings can still get mysteriously hit by a very damaging penalty. Those rules or ‘ranking factors’ are evolving all the time, so much so that the discipline of SEO looks like a very different beast to how it did just two years ago.

There’s always a reason why though, Uncle Google won’t bring out the whipping cane for no reason, it’s just frustrating for both agencies and client-side teams to figure out the reasons why. Meanwhile, the top brass are going ballistic at a stomach turning reduction in conversions, traffic levels, a massive increase in cost per conversions, not to mention a key attribution source in the customer journey disappearing overnight. They’re understandably fuming and wondering what the hell to do next.

Fortunately, are not one of our clients.

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