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About Wagtail – A Word From Dave Holcroft

Dave Holcroft Wagtail Digital Profile PictureNo company should be a faceless entity and it’s important you know who could be managing your digital marketing efforts.  I’m Dave Holcroft, formerly of MoneySupermarket, TravelSupermarket and Headwater Holidays (PEAK Adventure Group). Please have a look at my LinkedIn page for further details.

As the urge and itch to set up on my own become too much to resist, I’ve jumped two feet first into building up Wagtail Digital to help companies with their online digital marketing efforts.

Having bought, sold and creatively produced banner ad campaigns for MoneySupermarket before moving into the ever-changing world of SEO with TravelSupermarket and running a rather successful team of 6 analysts, I’ve certainly cut my teeth in an entrepreneurial organisation, where web traffic and conversion was (and still is) absolutely crucial.

I then overhauled the marketing strategy and internal methodology at Headwater Holidays, a niche operator in the activity holiday market. As overall Marketing lead in the company I executed a substantial marketing budget both off and online, eventually delivering a 50% increase in web traffic and lots of other tasty KPI’s I shouldn’t really share here.

Through a small team of skilled inbound marketeers and freelance SEO consultants, I’m assisting several companies improve their levels of inbound marketing through smart onsite and offsite, paid and organic optimisation. There’s a knack to this inbound consultancy ‘thing’ and understanding where you compete with competitors online and how to ‘beat’ them, especially where Google rankings are concerned is a mixture of art and science.

So without sounding like a dating site, I’m told I’m approachable, friendly and a good listener so why not get in touch and we’ll get cracking.



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