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  • Onsite Optimisation

    We know SEO has moved on but you still need to get the basics right. From meta titles to H2's to internal linking and sitemaps, it's still crucially important. You can have the best looking site in the world but if Google can't find you, then there's a good chance web visitors won't be able to either. That pesky Google algorithm expects to see the basics done well, as default.

  • Creating Digital Signals

    Crayons aren't digital which is a shame but creative content ideas are a Wagtail forte. We push content ideas into digital content strategies for clients. Content comes in many forms - articles, blogs, social posts, video, imagery and it's the emotionally charged, genuinely useful stuff that gets shared the most and attracts excellent backlinks to your site.

  • Google Ads PPC

    Google Ads is fantastic way of driving targeted traffic to your website. We'll research your keyword niche or and build out ad campaigns accordingly. Once traffic is flowing into your site, it's crucial that leads, sales or whatever goals you're aiming for are accurately tracked. We monitor monthly spend carefully and will help you achieve a desired level of Return on Investment.

  • Paid Social

    Social platforms don't work for all businesses but when they do, they really do! Facebook & Instagram now offer a wide array of audience targeting, we'll help you push ads to the right audiences. The sheer volume of 'impressions' on social platforms means they're a great brand builder for start ups. With sales messaging ads, they can also be an effective ROI tool too.

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